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When planning what is considered one of the most important days for a bride-to-be, the choice of wedding cake rates high on the list of aspects to get just right. For some, this may be a simple two tier vanilla sponge with butter cream icing, while for others it may be an elaborate display of macarons in a variety of pretty colours and flavours. Wedding cakes are popular business and there is an increasingly vast array of options to choose from. Here we will discuss just some of the new trends:

Naked Cake

The naked cake is basically a simplified version of the traditional cake layered with fondant icing or covered in butter cream icing, rather displaying the texture of the sponge, as well as the colours inside. Some brides will prefer this type of cake for its rustic or natural appearance.

naked wedding cake

Doughnut Cake

Cupcake wedding cakes are old news. But the doughnut cake is the new thing! Imagine layer upon layer of scrumptious sugary doughnuts. Think Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kremes… Your guests will surely be delighted.

doughnut wedding cake


A macaron tower is pretty, eye-catching and colourful. You’ll have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing this type of wedding ‘cake’ because you can make it completely unique when it comes to the colours, flavours, the way they are arranged; sideways in a spiral, stacked, cascading flowers placed strategically throughout the tower and so on. This is also an excellent choice if you would like to have a gluten-free cake.

macaron wedding cake

Wedding Cake Pies

If you would like to move away from the traditional sweet cake and dare to do something different, this is the cake for you. It has historically been a popular choice, but it fell out of favour and has now made a come-back with more and more brides opting for the savoury. Be aware, however, they generally contain a large amount of lard and a four tier pie contains around 15kg of pork meat. Many people love pie crust pastry and that, with the mixture of seasoned pork, all made into one delicious tiered cake pie could be a winner. Don’t worry, they can be made to look pretty and fit within your wedding’s overall theme and decor, with flowers and even a cake topper if you so choose.

wedding pie

Cheese Cake Wedding Cake

This could be another ‘rustic’ option for those preferring to offer a savoury cake. It is the perfect choice for those opting to provide a cheese and biscuits type offering to their guests, rather than the traditional sweet wedding cake. Cheese cakes can be beautiful, made with artisan cheeses, layered to produce however many tiers you decide upon and decorated with almost anything – flowers, fruits, leaves, biscuits, breadsticks…take your pick.

cheese wedding cake

Cake Pop

This type of cake will certainly add the wow factor to your day with delicious bite-sized treats. You could choose varying flavours, colours and designs, and truly achieve that personal touch. AND imagine the moment when the bride and groom feed each other their first piece of cake – this option provides the fun with the bonus of no icing or crumbs falling on the wedding dress or interfering with any perfectly applied make-up!

wedding cake pops

Mini Cakes

This option is exactly as the title says – miniature cakes. They can be bespoke, tailored to accompany your main wedding cake as tasty small treats for your guests, or they can be the star of the show, each decorated meticulously and arranged in a tower as a contemporary alternative to the traditional large tiered cake.

mini wedding cakes


As you can see, these many new trends add to the sheer number of weddings cakes available out there, but we hope this article has been informative and helpful in narrowing down your choices.

What are your thoughts on non traditional wedding cakes? Let us know in the comments below.


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