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When it comes to wedding trends we’ve seen brides go from embracing enormous padded shoulder dresses in the 1980s, to ultra-stylised minimalist plates of fusion food in the 1990s, and boho-chic in the noughties. What pleases us most about the latest 2016 wedding trend is that there is no trend. Couples are shaking off the shackles of doing what is expected of them, choosing instead to host a celebration that is as much a reflection of their personal style as it is about their commitment.

So what does a modern wedding look like? It could be anything from a registry office elopement, to a surprise gathering at a restaurant, or even a weekend glamping in the country, a la Guy and Jacqui Ritchie. The one aspect the best weddings have in common is the consideration given to each detail to ensure it portrays the happy couple’s personal style.

How to Start Planning a Wedding

The first step in organising a personal wedding is writing a wish list of what your dream event will be like. Put aside budget constraints for a moment and consider:

  • the guests you want to invite
  • where it will be
  • what time of year
  • the atmosphere you want to create
  • elements you absolutely want included, be they reference to your favourite place, or your dog.

The next step is to settle down with a drink and a stack of wedding magazines or Pinterest, and create a mood board that encapsulates the feeling you want to create. It could include colours, flowers, the style of wedding dress you want, and whatever else catches your eye. Your completed mood board will help you decide on a theme – something that will make decision making so much easier!

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Getting Personal

Ways you can personalise your wedding include:

  • creating a unique typeface for your invitations based on your handwriting
  • using engagement photos for save the date cards
  • having a stamp made with your monogram to adorn your stationery
  • using a specific hashtag and encourage your guests to get involved by sharing their photos
  • giving your guests an experience, whether it’s having someone teach them the steps to a dance, showing them how to make their favourite cocktail, or draw their silhouette.
  • using meaningful photos as part of the decoration
  • having a custom-made wedding topper with your names, or your likenesses
  • choosing a venue you love, even if it’s not normally one people would associate with holding wedding receptions
  • wearing thumbprint wedding rings
  • being creative with your decorations. If you don’t have the time, skill, or energy to DIY them, there is a wealth of creative geniuses on sites like etsy who have some incredible products.

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What Really Matters

Whether your budget is a squillion or a shoestring what really matters is the thought you give your choices. Even if you outsource the organisation to a wedding planner, the essence has to be you. Avoid getting caught up in the expectations of your family and friends. A wedding is not about merely going through the motions, it’s about creating the most perfect start to your married life, so do it your way.

How are you planning on personalising your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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