When it comes to dessert at a wedding, people are normally expecting the good old fruit cake with icing that we are all so familiar with. But, in all honesty, not everyone is a big fan of fruit cake. After dinner, you and your guests may be looking for something a bit lighter with a difference.

The wedding dessert table is a great alternative and can also give your guests the variety that is needed to keep everybody happy well into the evening.

Presentation is just as important as taste, and as you will see, your imagination is allowed to run wild here. And if your great aunt is still insisting on the traditional fruit cake being served, you can have it for display and hand to your guests to take home at the end of the evening.

Here we have given you 15 dessert table ideas to get you started.


Canapes aren’t just great at the end of the wedding ceremony. They also make great desserts when you want to keep dessert a little lighter and give your guests a great selection to choose from.

canapes wedding dessert table


Doughnuts are a great change from wedding cake. You can serve them pre-filled or allow your guests to dip them into flavourings of their choice.

doughnuts wedding dessert table


Have macarons coloured to match your wedding theme.

macarons wedding dessert table

Mini Tarts

Mini tarts can be filled with so many different flavours so there is bound to be something to suit everybody.

mini tarts - wedding dessert table

Rustic Outdoor Dessert Table

If you are having an outdoor wedding, have your dessert table decorated with flowers to continue the natural theme.

rustic outdoor wedding dessert table

Cake Pops

Cake pops are neat and simple little bites so you know everyone will get to taste the wedding cake.

cake pops - wedding dessert table


Flavour them as you would your wedding cake or go for something completely different to add variety.

cupcakes - wedding dessert table


The choice of flavours is endless and the designs can be great fun.

cookies - wedding dessert table


Serve your dessert layered in a cocktail glass.

dessert cocktails - wedding dessert table


Pie anyone? Give your guests a choice of apple pie or cake and see what they choose.

pies wedding dessert table


Not everyone has a sweet tooth. A cheeseboard is a nice finish to a meal.

cheese board wedding dessert

Non Traditional Wedding Cake

If you must serve cake for dessert, try a non traditional wedding cake.

naked wedding cake


Have a croquembouche served to your guests, the look alone on your dessert table will have them wanting dessert before the main course.

croquembouche wedding dessert


Light, simple, tasty, just what you need.

mousse wedding dessert

Sweets Cart

Pick and mix. A sweets cart is great fun and will bring back alot of childhood memories.

wedding dessert table sweet cart

Are you having a dessert table at your wedding? Let us know below what you are planning on doing.