Being asked to be a maid of honour is a privilege. There is nothing more humbling than being invited to be part of someone’s special day. While it is flattering, the role comes great responsibility, but don’t worry, we’ve come up with the best tips to make your maid of honour duties go without a hitch while your best friend gets hitched.

Be honest (with a pinch of salt)

The bride will want to discuss every detail with you, and it is your job to listen and be enthusiastic. The worst thing you can say when she asks for your opinion is to say: “whatever you want”, brides have lots of ideas and are looking for help. At the same time whenever the bride asks for your opinion, treat it delicately. If you need to be negative, try to sugar coat it or sandwich it between two compliments or positive statements.

Being the maid of honour

Your job starts with pre-wedding tasks

The maid of honour role starts as soon as the bride asks you. Your friend will really appreciate all the help and the second pair of eyes that you can provide, so make sure that you offer your assistance for all pre-wedding tasks such as choosing the dresses and helping with flowers.

Ask, don’t assume

There are no steadfast rules in weddings so don’t assume that the bride will follow all of the traditions. The best way is to ask exactly what she wants and what traditions she wants to follow so you don’t waste time and money on wedding traditions that the bride would rather do without.

Offer to pay for your dress

Although it is a tradition for the bride to buy dresses for bridesmaids, weddings can be so expensive that the bride will appreciate your offer and be grateful for your generosity. If she is adamant about paying for the dress, offer to buy the shoes or the accessories.

maid of honour hanger

Organise an amazing hen party

Often considered the biggest role for a maid of honour, the hen party is an important occasion for every bride. You need to make sure that you host the party that the bride wants, so if she asks for an afternoon tea with her family, don’t organise a wild party of drinking and dancing. To go the extra mile, you may need to host two parties, one for the relatives and one for the friends.

Be the first point of call

A wedding is stressful for brides, so your job is to make sure she has a lot less to worry about. Be the first point of contact for all of the bridal party, so you can resolve minor issues without the bride getting involved. After the honeymoon, you can laugh about all the little white lies you had to come up with.

Maid of honour duties last until the end of the night

A common misconception is that you are relieved of your duties after the ceremony, but grannies need taxis, and the wedding book needs signatures. Be helpful and efficient throughout the whole day, so that the newlyweds can let their hair down and enjoy their special day.

maid of honour duties

Take time out

From the engagement to the big day, wedding talk dominates the conversation. So remember to take time out to talk about other subjects so you and the bride can relax and de-stress.

Look after the hens

It can be very difficult for the bridal party, particularly if they don’t all know each other, so make sure that all the hens are included, and that everyone is involved in conversations. Another key here is to gauge their opinions and budgets. After all, the bride wants to share time with her friends, not just with the friends who can afford it.

Give praise to the wedding plans

Your friend has worked tirelessly to create the perfect wedding to share with all of her friends and family. It is important to put her mind at ease and reassure the bride that she has done really well with all of the plans. A guaranteed way to make her day.

maid of honour wedding day

Pamper the bride before the big day

No bride wants to look haggard and stressed on her big day, so treat your friend to a pampering and relaxing day before the wedding. This helps the bride can take stock of what’s ahead and doesn’t feel frazzled come the big day.

Keep the bride fed and watered

Although she’ll be too nervous and excited to eat, it’s important to make sure that the bride fuels up, so she has plenty of energy for the best day of her life.

Provide laughter

Laughter is the best medicine, and if the bride is nervous, the best method of distraction is through humour. Try and tell funny stories and keep the big day preparation light-hearted, to still those nervous butterflies.

bride and maid of honour

Give the couple space

Many newlyweds are so wrapped up in looking after their wedding party; they forget that the day is for themselves. Make sure the bride and groom have a moment to steal away and watch their party having a great time and cherish their amazing day filled with love.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Finally, don’t feel the pressure is all on you. The bridal party, family and friends will want to help to make the special day run smoothly. So, if it is all getting too much for you, reach out, so you can be the best maid of honour that the bride could wish for.