If you want  to take a step back from a traditional wedding and enjoy an altogether more laid back day, the natural Boho vibe could be just what you are looking for. Contrary to popular belief, organising a wedding that isn’t going down the usual route doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect Bohemian wedding.

Your Inspiration

The romantic Bohemian artists were free spirits, inspired by beauty and nature and its beauty is in its simplicity. It’s very easy to get carried away with the boho vibe and consistency is key. So think about what boho actually means to you. Does it conjure up images of flowers in a summer  meadow or a deserted beach? Once you have pinned this down you need to establish how far you are taking the theme. Will it be the attire of the wedding party? The arrangement and decoration of the venue? Or do you want everyone to embrace the boho vibe by kicking off their shoes and lounging on floor cushions? Take it one step at a time and you’ll pull off a Bohemian wedding everyone will remember.

bohemian decor style

The Venue

The perfect setting for a boho wedding is out of doors, but if you are planning on getting married at the beginning or the end of the year the weather has to be a major consideration. Seek out intimate venues that would fall beneath the radar of traditional brides. An online search will bring up a plethora of results perfectly in keeping with your theme and if you have your heart set on exchanging your vows under an arch adorned with flowers they are easy to track down as well.

outdoor bohemian wedding - wooden frame with flowers

Attention to detail

You have a chance to get creative with a boho wedding more than with any other theme as its perfection comes from its imperfections. Colours should be romantic and warm, nature will play a major role and that’s it really, how you interpret this is a entirely up to you. Flowers, fabrics, twinkling fairy lights and feathers in among the flowers are all in keeping with the theme. The very essence of a Bohemian wedding ensures that no two are the same, and from the invitations to the cake to the flowers you can allow your imagination to have free reign.

Bohemian wedding lights

Dressing the part

Forget big, meringue style wedding dresses, boho is more wood nymph than Disney princess. Light, comfortable fabrics, natural hair decorated with flowers and minimal make up is the look the boho bride should be aiming for. Think of the fun you’ll have tracking down your perfect dress rather than trawling round bridal stores trying on one after another? Long, flowing dresses in earthy or pastel tones are ideal for the boho bride, and flowers should be simple rather than a big bouquet. Your bridesmaids will love being able to choose their own dresses to fit in with the theme and the grooms party will feel altogether more relaxed and comfortable thanks to not having to wear a suit.

Bohemian wedding dress style
bride and groom bohemian style

Are you planning a bohemian wedding or have you attended one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.