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Whether you have an established wedding Photography Business or are starting out anew, there are several things that you can do to market your business. One of the key factors in marketing your wedding business is to remember that while you can market online and indeed in this modern age it is necessary, you are offering a service that affects your clients in a very personal way.

Online website and blogging

The best way to tell people about your business is to talk about it. Not only when you meet people in person, but also when you interact online. More importantly by creating online assets such as a website or a blog means that you can tell people about your business even when you’re asleep. Don’t forget that these are exceptionally good showcase opportunities to display your work. Your blog posts should cover topics directly related to the work you do and any niche offerings that you may have.

Social Media

Any business that involves any sort of visual media will have an online presence. Use your website and blog as foundations for creating content and showcasing your work. Use Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. They are precisely the online places to catch the eye of potential customers interested in wedding photography.


Use online directories and seek out niche specific directories such as Photography and wedding directories. Many of your potential customers prefer to go to one place to find all the services and products they will need for a wedding. naturally this would include a wedding photographer. This is why Wedding Directories are an ideal place to get listed. Although this may be the case in many instances, you will also find that there are customers that will search in multiple locations online, not only directories, but by using Google, Bing and Yahoo. You would do well to register as a business with these search engines, enabling customers to provide direct online reviews that in turn would make you visible in a search engine search too.

Wedding Photography related vendors

In your business, you will meet with associated businesses including caterers, musicians, bands, florists, wedding dress vendors and tent hire businesses. These businesses are potential sources of income for you as you are for them. Build relationships with those that you are likely to cross paths with on a regular basis. Take some of their business cards with you and when you meet with a new client ask if they have found a caterer or a band yet? Then hand the relevant business card to them with your name written on the bottom. Why? Because when the client makes the call, they will say that you referred them. Good businesses remember this and will refer to you when the opportunity arises. People trust word of mouth especially from others in the same industry,

Wedding planners are your best friend

There are times when customers don’t want to have to do all the leg work, so they go to a wedding planner. The wedding planner will source the flowers, the photographer and often even the venue. If you live and work in an area where there are popular venues and natural beauty spots, then you can rest assured that wedding planners will be looking for a local photographer. Search for wedding planners, not only locally but a little further afield too as some weddings take place far from home. Offer the wedding planner a free shoot of professional headshots so that they can get a taste of your work. Once you have an established relationship with a few wedding planners, you will discover a huge chunk of your marketing is being done by someone else.

Create packages

Weddings are a one time only event for many people. Few people can guess off the top of their head what a wedding photographer is going to cost. Create a few packages that include different items, so that you can meet different budgets without having to worry about breaking even and making a profit. People who see prices up front are more likely to use you. When prices are on application it is often a default reaction to think that its unaffordable. The packages can be flexible with items that can be added in or taken off. You’re also likely to attract more custom as your clients will like the idea that they can create a package to meet their needs within their budget.

Never stop marketing

There is an old saying – don’t fix what’s not broken. When your marketing methods work, don’t stop using them. The moment you stop working at your marketing, you will slowly watch your work dry up. Keep using the online tools available. Keep sharing your business cards with other vendors, even if you have given them a few before.

Ask for referrals

Couples who get married quite often have friends or family who are planning to get married in the near future. Ask if they know anyone who can use a wedding photography expert. Make sure that your name and business are printed on any proofs that you send and where possible embed your website address too.

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