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When it comes to your big day, you will want to make sure that every aspect is completely perfect. The food, the venue, the tables and of course the dress. All things for you to keep in mind during the planning process.

One important thing not to forget about is your wedding car. After all, you will want to make sure that you arrive (or leave) in style! Plus your wedding transport can make for some amazing wedding photos too.

To help you to pick the right wedding car for you, we have put together our guide to choosing a wedding car. With all the important things to consider before you pick the right one for you!


Before deciding on the car for you, think about who you need to take with you. If it is just you and the man (or woman) giving you away, then you can opt for something smaller. However, if you want your bridesmaids to join you for the ride, then you will need to up the size of the vehicle.


Wedding transport can be as much a part of the theme of your wedding as other aspects. There are a whole host of different car hire companies out there that specialise in a variety of different wedding cars.

Vintage styles, modern styles, fire engines or perhaps a tank (okay maybe not a tank). Whatever you imagine rocking up to your wedding day in, there is a good chance that you will find it!

vw beetle wedding car

The weather

The last thing that you will want is to arrive at your wedding looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Not after you have made such an effort with your hair and make-up. So, make sure that your car of choice will protect you from the elements. If it isn’t under cover, such as a horse and carriage or open car, you may want to ask the car hire for wedding company whether or not they have umbrellas or blankets on board for you to use.

traditional wedding car

Don’t forget your guests

It isn’t only you who needs to get around on the big day. If you are having your ceremony and reception in different venues, then you arranging transport for your guests can be a huge helping hand for them.

Coaches are a fantastic way to get them from A to B, but if you want something with a little more style, then you may want to consider opting for a vintage style bus or coach instead.

wedding bus

No matter the type of wedding transport that you decide on, make sure that you book it well in advance. The majority of wedding car hire companies will need booking around 1 year in advance, although for some it may be as much as 18 months.

By booking nice and early you can be sure to find the perfect car for your big day, making sure that when you step out and prepare yourself to take those all important steps down the aisle, you will know that you have travelled in style.

Have you chosen your wedding transport yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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