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Standing beside the groom as the best man and giving the much anticipated ‘best mans speech‘ is a great honour. You get to be involved in all the fun stuff like organise the stag night and make sure your brother/best friend etc is in the right place at the right time to say “I do”. There is one aspect of this privileged position that has led to many a best man having sleepless nights; the all important speech. Finding the perfect balance between interesting and humorous can be a tricky business but fear not, following our guide will make the entire process way less stressful.

The opening line

This sets the tone for the entire wedding speech and can make the difference between the guests sitting up and taking notice or shuffling off to the bathroom. This comes before you introduce yourself and should be humorous and make some reference to the day or the couple and you can get away with being a little bit cheeky. Keep it short and succinct to grab attention and make your audience laugh rather than cringe.


You will probably have a shed load of funny stories about the groom but choose them wisely. The best man speech does not give you carte blanche to reveal secrets that the groom has kept secret from his parents or worse, his new bride! If the groom has a well known fear or done something really daft that he laughs about now these are perfect for adding humour into the mix.

Don’t forget the bride!

How you bring the bride into the speech very much depends on how long you have known her for. If she is your sister, for example, employ the same decorum as above. You may be dying to let your parents know it was her who broke the heirloom vase rather than the cat but this is not the place. A safe bet is to congratulate her on how stunning she looks and what a lucky man the groom is. Tact rules OK as far as the bride is concerned.

Keep it clean

There will be young and old among the guests so expletives are a big no no. A bit of innuendo is fine as long as it’s not OTT. Once you have written your speech ask somebody to look over it and make sure the odd swear word hasn’t been inadvertently included. This is very easily done especially when telling a story and relating your reaction to something at the time. You get the drift!

The Assassin!

Depending on how you deliver it, telling a story about the groom can get the audience on your side and have them in stitches. Good natured ribbing is expected, but you want laughter not a mass sharp intake of breath. If you can make yourself the butt of the joke you’re onto a winner.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

This is the one time you can let your guard down and let everyone know just how fond you are of the guy who’s just married the woman of his dreams. We’re not saying open the floodgates but take the opportunity to let everyone know just what he means to you, the audience will love you for it.

What are the best and worst best mans speeches you have heard? Let us know in the comments below.


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