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15 tips on how to be the best Maid of Honour

Being asked to be a maid of honour is a privilege. There is nothing more humbling than being invited to be part of someone’s special day. While it is flattering, the role comes with great responsibility, but don’t worry, we’ve come up with the best tips to make your maid of honour duties go without […]

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How to choose your wedding car for your big day

When it comes to your big day, you will want to make sure that every aspect is completely perfect. The food, the venue, the tables and of course the dress. All things for you to keep in mind during the planning process. One important thing not to forget about is your wedding car. After all, […]

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Planning an outdoor wedding

The sheer volume of venues which are now licensed to hold marriage ceremonies tells us how many modern couples are looking for somewhere out of the ordinary for their special day. Most people associate an outdoor wedding with getting married overseas when in reality, and with a bit of careful planning, you can have your perfect day […]

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The 2016 Wedding Trends You Will Adore

When it comes to wedding trends we’ve seen brides go from embracing enormous padded shoulder dresses in the 1980s, to ultra-stylised minimalist plates of fusion food in the 1990s, and boho-chic in the noughties. What pleases us most about the latest 2016 wedding trend is that there is no trend. Couples are shaking off the […]

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