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Your wedding photographer is the person who is going to help re-create your special day for years to come. They will help you re-tell your story through images time and time again. So, you want that person to be just right for you – and the memories you want to hold dear.

Here are 18 questions you should ask a wedding photographer before deciding to sign on that dotted line.

1. Are you available on our wedding date?

Photographers can book up very quickly, so make sure you leave plenty of time when you start looking around. You don’t want to bond with someone, only to find out they are already booked on your date.

2. Do you work alone – if not, can we meet your assistant?

Some photographers normally work alone while others regularly have an assistant. If a photographer normally works solo, but needs an assistant due to the size of your wedding, this may incur an additional charge.

3. How long have you been a wedding photographer?

wedding photograph taken by castle ruin

4. How many weddings do you shoot in a year?

5. Can we see a full gallery album of a previous wedding?

Seeing a full gallery allows you to experience a photographers’ work completely. You will gain a better idea of their style and not just see the photographs they want to show off.

6. How would you describe your photography style?

Asking the photographer to explain their style while you are looking through the gallery will help you get a better understanding of their work.

weding photograph taken on bridge

7. Have you shot any weddings at our chosen venue before?

If not, are you willing to familiarise yourself with the venue prior to our wedding date?

8. Can we get references from recent previous clients?

Any photographer will be happy to do this if they have happy customers.

9. What do your wedding packages include?

Make sure the package you choose has everything you are looking for and expecting. If not, how much extra will add on’s or customization cost.

10. Do your package prices include travel costs?

If your photographers travel costs will be additional to the package price you have been quoted, find out what they charge per mile is so it is easier to compare with other quotes you receive.

11. How many hours are included in the packages quoted?

If you want the pre-wedding hours photographed, or some of the evening dancing included, make sure you book the photographer to cover this time.

12. Are you insured?

Your wedding photographer should have both professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

13. How much deposit will we need to secure our day?

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14. Is it possible to pay in instalments?

15. When will we receive a contract?

16. What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Things happen, so make sure you are clear on your wedding photographers policy so there are no surprises.

17. When will we get to see the final prints and albums?

18. Will you be using our images on your website or social media?

If this is something you would prefer not to happen make sure you discuss it with the photographer beforehand and double check for the clause in your contract before you sign it.

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